Lumos String Quartet

~How It All Began~

The Lumos String Quartet have been making music together in the Birmingham area for several years. As accomplished individual musicians in their own rights, the quartet got together while studying at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire where their shared commitment to the highest calibre of music making, connected them. The quartet pride themselves on their bold, exciting repertoire choices and interpretations and are always open to experimenting with new and interesting music and challenges.   

The players of the Lumos String Quartet have played hundreds of weddings, birthdays, and functions between them and as such have a wealth of experience to draw from. The quartet feel that versatility is vital because they understand that, because no two couples are alike, no two weddings should sound the same.  

“I love playing for people’s weddings. It always feels like such a privilege to play a part in a couple’s happiest moment.” 

- Nick, violist for LSQ.

Over the years, they have collected and curated a “playlist” of songs and pieces expertly selected to match any setting or taste. Whether you are looking to elevate the level of sophistication of your event, or are looking to make your special moment that extra bit magical, the Lumos String Quartet have the perfect backing track.